Truth over Trauma

When we were kids, we weren’t afraid to dream and we dared to believe anything was possible. Then life sought to prove otherwise and buffeted us (many while still children) with a stream of fast balls that left us dazed, confused, and traumatized. Few can boast, “I am the person I wanted to be when […]

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In My Head

Find the Message in a Story

To whom do you lend your ear? Two people can witness the same events, walk away from them with totally different accounts and both are factual. One of them tells the story and stirs up outrage, the other sympathy and compassion. What makes the stories different is the intentions or the message of the storyteller. […]

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Short stories/Poetry

So Says the Wall

        Holding it all in and carrying it all on top. Dirty hands, sweat, anger. I see it all but I tell nothing. No one thinks to ask what I see.          If you look closely you see the small prints of a child who was playing in the […]

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