Welcome to The Flight! My name is D.L. Lunsford. Whether it was your curiosity that drew you here or you just stumbled upon me, I’m glad you stopped by. Now that you’re here, select a category and take a look around. Maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Lunsford QuickReads

As a Christian writer of short stories and poems, I strive to delve into your heart and your mind by exploring the real stories behind smiles that never reach the eyes. I write tales too distressing to tell. In a nutshell, I give pain a voice and a platform.

As an empathizer, I also provide teachings, insights, and scriptural references I pray will enlighten, inspire and encourage you to stand and persevere because you are never alone, no matter what you have experienced or suffered.

My Lunsford QuickReads don’t prattle; they are books that get to the heart of the matter. Long enough to whet the appetite and feed the soul, short enough to leave hours in your busy day.

Black Rose

A runaway fighting to get back home; sisters who realize blood is not thicker than water when a man is involved. And a young father who discovers too late that some risks are not worth the money. Black Rose is a collection of short stories and poems about ordinary people with extraordinary problems.


LIFE or Something Like It

Broken into three parts: inspiration, short stories, and poems, this book explicates life’s journey and discoveries. It’s about what happens when you lose your way, what happens when you find it, and what happens in between.


The Journey Through the Tunnel

What’s keeping you from living your best life? This book exposes the inner demons plaguing you. It teaches you how to recognize and overcome issues like: pride, fear, jealousy, anger, grief/depression, and provides scriptural references for support.



A mother known for her disappearing acts, a father totally dependent on his daughter, and a daughter who wants to be free from it all. In a fit of rage, Annika makes a mistake that, at first, seems to solve all her problems, but soon experiences its disastrous consequences. Fiction.


4-Book Collection

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*Prices for books include the cost of shipping.

**For more product details or e-books visit: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/dominique409; https://www.blurb.com/b/10748484-black-rose

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