The Story of Rebel James–A Fairy Tale

Once there was a man named Rebel James. He was a big, burly black man who wore big, black boots, tight, black pants, and a long, black shirt. He had three black teeth, black eyes, and a bald, black head.

Rebel James lived in a small raggedy house with brown, patchy grass and he drove an old black truck that spewed thick, black smoke. In the center of his yard was a tall, black flag pole waving a huge rebel flag.

All his black neighbors hated him and cursed at him because of his rebel flag. When they drove by his house, they shook their fists at him and threw trash in his yard. But Rebel James didn’t care. When they waved their fists at him, he waved his right back at them, and he picked up the trash they threw in his yard and threw it back at the cars that passed by. 

When his white neighbors passed by his house, they honked their horns and waved. But Rebel James didn’t care about them either. He threw trash at their cars too.

The End.

©2018 by D.L. Lunsford

D.L. Lunsford

Saying a lot with few words.

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