When Your Enemies Become Your Allies

   What is happening when your enemies suddenly seem to share your vision? When they stop resisting you and start fighting for your cause? When they cease slandering you and begin singing your praises? Could it be that they have finally seen the light and changed their minds about you?


    If your enemies are suddenly fighting for your cause, it is not for you; it is most certainly for them. If they are fighting with you to elevate you, your promotion works for their good. If they are speaking well of you, praising your name and good works, don’t be deceived. Your agendas are not the same. Somehow what you want or what you’re fighting for benefits them. 


    The thing to beware, though, is not the alliance with your enemies, but friendship with them. When they start working with you, they treat you differently. They speak so kindly to you they can make you forget they hate you. You forget how hard they fought to destroy you. You forget who they really are.

    Don’t forget.

    This is not a conspiracy theory. This is real life.

   There is a passage in the bible where Jesus’ disciples encountered some people who were casting out devils in the name of Jesus. (Mark 9:38-40) They were offended by them and demanded they desist. After all, they didn’t follow Jesus. They probably didn’t believe any of His teachings. And they certainly didn’t know who Jesus really was. But Jesus did not see it the way His disciples did. He advised them not to forbid those people, saying if they are doing the same thing He and His disciples are doing, then they can’t be so quick to publicly ridicule and criticize their works.

  While the bible doesn’t specifically identify these people as enemies, this we know for certain: Jesus was not worried about any of His enemies. He so believed in His work He was able to remain focused on completing His assignment.

   That lesson is applicable today. Knowing your enemies are endorsing you only to further their own agendas can infuriate you so much you lay down your vision to prevent them from theirs, or you become overly obsessed with exposing and cutting them off. But you cannot pursue your vision and stop theirs at the same time. Despite your irritation, your anger…and your memory, you mustn’t forsake your goals just to prevent them from theirs.

   To the people of God, your agenda is greater because it is forged with light. You cannot put out your light to overcome darkness. You must remain focused and follow the dictates of your heart. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by how easily they fool the public, your peers. And don’t go out your way to expose them, to make people see the truth. People see what they want to see. They choose their own truth. Live yours and complete your assignment.

    Follow your dreams and fulfill your destiny.

-D.L. Lunsford


D.L. Lunsford

Saying a lot with few words.

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