The People’s “Hero”

     I’m a great person. Unfortunately, it takes a while for people to see that. I love being there for people, but if they don’t ever need me to do anything, they won’t know. People don’t always get a chance to see me at my best, so I have to create opportunities.

    My best friend would’ve never noticed me if I hadn’t saved her life. I had to plan it just right so the timing would be perfect. One day after Phys. Ed, she left her bag on the bench in the locker room while she took a shower. I reached inside of it and retrieved her Gatorade, poured out half of it, then re-filled it with anti-freeze.

    Cali is always thirsty, so I knew she’d drink it. I also knew I had to put enough in her drink to make her sick fast because I wouldn’t have a chance to save her when she went home. Her mother would get all the credit.

   Anyway, when she came out of the shower dripping, towel clad…and thirsty, she headed straight for her Gatorade. I pretended to be rummaging through my gym bag on a nearby bench. It wasn’t until she drained the container did she realize something was wrong. She looked confused as she sniffed the empty bottle. Then her eyes got wide and she began to look all panicky. All the while I pretended not to notice.

    When she dropped the bottle and went down on her knees, I sprung into action and pasted on my most concerned face. “Hey, you okay?” I asked. 

      “I…don’t…know,” Cali stammered.

      I dropped to my knee and draped my arm around her. “Can you stand?”

    She stumbled as she fought to get up and I supported her with a strong grip. When she grabbed her belly and started gagging, I steered her to the bathroom and held her hair back while she vomited. A couple of girls heard and came to see what was happening and I ordered them to get the coach.

   Meanwhile, I comforted her by rubbing her back and promising her she’d be ok. When she went to the hospital for observation, I was right there.

  After she was all better, she went out her way to befriend me…because everyone needs someone in their lives who will be there for them when they really need him.

   Unfortunately, not everyone is as appreciative as Cali. I’ve saved other people in all kinds of ways, but only a few even thanked me. The others, with their twisted lips and suspicious eyes, treated me like a leper when I tried to help them. Ungrateful rats.

      I wasn’t there for them the next time they needed saving.

© D.L. Lunsford

D.L. Lunsford

Saying a lot with few words.

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