A View from the Pages

Your eyes rove over me feasting upon my life. Feverish with anticipation, you flip the pages. I saw your jaw drop when you read what I did with my neighbor. I watched you shake your head disgusted about the way I lied about it. At one point I thought you were going to throw the book across the room when you read how I framed him for murder.

My devilment thrills you; you love to hate me. But will you lose interest in me when you discover that I change? Yes, somewhere in Chapter 38 I start to regret my actions and fight to make things right. I need to know if you are committed to me. Will you stay with me to the end or will you grow bored with me and close the book?

I cannot change who I am; I did not create myself. If I could, I would stay the woman who makes your jaw drop and your eyes gape. I would forever be your bad girl.

But I cannot, and the closer you get to Chapter 38 the more nervous I become. I know how the story ends. Oh, how I wish my creator had never reformed me! What will I do if you begin to look at me differently? I am powerless to change the tide.

As you tightly grip the book raising it closer to your face, I feel sexy and powerful. I have become your world. I like the way your lip curls into that half-smile. While reading about me, I’m watching you reclined against your headboard, your woman asleep beside you. The clock reads 2:08am.

You are enthralled and lusty, but you don’t reach for the woman beside you; you reach for me, while your hand slips inside your silk pajama bottoms.

I bet you imagine me doing to you what I did with my neighbor and the others. I would, if I could.

But after Chapter 38 you won’t lust for me anymore. I will be as mundane to you as the woman beside you. There may not be a reason for you to stick around, but I sincerely hope you will. All things must come to an end. So finish with me, then go back to your life–and your woman.

© D.L. Lunsford

D.L. Lunsford

Saying a lot with few words.