Hold On, the Promise Stands

We get weary sometimes because we don’t see all God is doing. We walk by faith, after all. But we must believe even when we don’t see. That’s the believer’s way; it’s the very essence of our relationship with God.

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During the darkest hours of my life, I prayed fervently and gulped His word desperately.  Like a drowning woman, I clutched onto His promises of life and prosperity, justice and reunification; His promises to multiply and increase, heal and restore.

While anticipating an immediate change in my circumstances, something else began to change: my mind. It took a while for me to understand that when I received those words they were meant to encourage me. They strengthened me enough to press forward when I would have otherwise given up; they gave me hope.

God decrees that when He speaks a word, it never comes back void, but accomplishes everything He sent it to do. I learned God’s words (both spoken and written) accomplish many things at the same time. While they refresh a parched soul, they also reveal His love for His people and what He intends to do for those who love and believe Him.

When His promises don’t immediately materialize, we tend to doubt, then forget what He said. We stop holding on and begin to look elsewhere; it’s our nature. We are impatient and unfaithful and we lack understanding.

Most importantly, we forget that God’s ways are not our ways. It’s not in His nature to relent. He will do what He said because He cannot deny Himself. He will do what He said because He cannot lie.

So, even if it takes years, God’s word does not diminish and it does not change. God doesn’t even take His word back just because we get angry and shake our fists at Him. His word stands. It endures the changing times and our changing moods… and loyalties.

Jesus never fails, neither does His word. He will do what He promised.

So it behooves those of us who have forgotten to dig up the treasure trove of promises stored in your hearts. God said He will bring back to our remembrance the things He said, so if you seek them, you will surely find them.

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Go back and find those treasures. They were not just feel-good words. They were a map to your promised land. They were the coordinates to your destiny.

Search and find that map–those of us who got lost. It is your way home.

–D.L. Lunsford


D.L. Lunsford

Saying a lot with few words.