You, the Giant Slayer

If you slay a giant and no one was there to witness it, did you really kill it?

You finally got a mountain under your feet but only the trees bore witness. You confronted the beast and not only survived the encounter, you emerged the victor, but no one was there to celebrate with you. No one saw.

If there is no one cheering for you in the stands, no audience, does your victory become a fisherman’s tale, a myth? Does it make it less real?

Absolutely not!

Remember what happened when you first encountered that giant? The very size of it made you despise yourself. You felt powerless and weak, certain it would crush you underfoot. You wanted to give up. The only way forward was through, and you believed that was impossible. You hung your head and cried; tried to make yourself settle for less, wanted to turn back and forget the giant, but something in you nagged you more than the towering beast. It wouldn’t let you quit.

So you got in shape, strengthening your inner and outer core. You fed the flame of your passions till it set your soul on fire. Then one day, the giant didn’t seem so big anymore. Not because it shrunk, but because you grew. And you dared to confront that giant, believing you could fell it like a tree, for it no longer had the power to hinder you or block your way. And when it crashed to the earth, the sun shone brighter and the way stretched out before you like a highway.

There was a time you didn’t believe you could, but look at you, on course to a new horizon, on the road to destiny. Rejoicing in your victory, you pumped your fist in the air, poked out your chest and struck a superhero pose. There was nothing you couldn’t do.

The lack of witnesses does not diminish your victory.

Your road was a lonely one; no scribe shadowed you chronicling your story, but that does not mean there isn’t one. You must remember and never forget. You must learn your own story, so it will not be lost.

That giant was real. Your fear and subsequent struggles were too, as was your ultimate victory. You don’t need to prove you’re a champion. You are a giant slayer! Nobody can ever take that from you. And you must never forget who you were and who you became. Greater is calling and the pages of destiny are still turning.

And your story continues…

–D.L. Lunsford

D.L. Lunsford

Saying a lot with few words.

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