Inspirational, Short stories/Poetry


COME OUT lift up your head and your heart the sun is blinding So, adjust your eyes the darkness has passed And a new day dawns stretch forth your wings to its full breadth And BREATHE snatch air into your lungs work out the stiffness in your legs For you are free Now take up […]

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Truth over Trauma

When we were kids, we weren’t afraid to dream and we dared to believe anything was possible. Then life sought to prove otherwise and buffeted us (many while still children) with a stream of fast balls that left us dazed, confused, and traumatized. Few can boast, “I am the person I wanted to be when […]

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Short stories/Poetry

What She Left Behind

It was the end of the day, this was my last stop, and I was ready to go home. She entered the mailroom with a card while I was sorting the mail. She greeted me cordially and asked what to do with the card. I told her I’d take it and received it from her […]

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Voices of My Sisters

My Rainbow After the Rain

As a mother my heart has been turned in,  turned out, and broken again and again. No one can truly understand what I’ve seen or gone where I’ve been. * After so many years all my memories begin to blend in as one, But time, though an enemy, will never make me  forget my daughter […]

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