Believing God Pays Off

God ain’t looking for an out, so don’t think you’re doing Him any favors by letting Him off easy. God is not sitting on the throne wiping the sweat off His brow saying, Whew, that was a close one. I thought she was going to push this all the way. No, God wants you to […]

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Short stories/Poetry

Though it Tarries

The clouds hang low and heavy in my heart, But I withhold the rain so I might go on, Only an occasional shower To saturate the ground Holding the seeds of promise— Never a flood to destroy them. Soon an east wind will blow away the clouds, So I press on expecting clear skies And […]

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In My Heart

Destiny Appointment

While pursuing a dream, you encounter defining moments; moments that change everything. You never know when, but when they happen, you discover what you’re made of. If you truly believe and are sold out to your dream, the tiger in you will surface. And if there is any doubt or fear, the chicken will reveal […]

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