Destiny Appointment

While pursuing a dream, you encounter defining moments; moments that change everything. You never know when, but when they happen, you discover what you’re made of.

If you truly believe and are sold out to your dream, the tiger in you will surface. And if there is any doubt or fear, the chicken will reveal its head.

Either you’re going to get violent and take it by force, or you will tuck tail and run.

You can’t create enough scenarios to prepare you. What you can do is believe when no one else believes. When your ground still looks barren and no one can see the germinating seeds planted beneath it. Believe when your dream sounds crazy even to you.

Your actions will reflect your faith.

You will keep going though it feels like you’re not going anywhere and despite being the sole traveler on the road. You will press on when the only encouragement you receive comes from an occasional whisper from the wind. You will plow forward when your heart is sad and weary, when you feel like giving up. You will keep advancing because you cannot extinguish the flame burning in your heart.

On the appointed day, you meet destiny and you’re ready, though you may not have realized it. If you had known the exact day and time, you might have dressed better; you might have prepared a speech, but destiny was not impressed with you because you were prim and proper.

Destiny hired you because it admired your courage and fortitude when it mattered.

Unbeknownst to you, destiny was watching you all along.

So it’s not the day of destiny that’s most relevant, it’s all the days you keep feeding a burning lamp that appears to never be seen or used; the days you dare to believe that a barren landscape will someday birth a fruitful oasis.

© D.L. Lunsford

D.L. Lunsford

Saying a lot with few words.