D.L. Lunsford's Flight of the Butterfly

     Relationships, we’re in more of them than we realize. We have relationships with people, animals, food, money…our comforts. Most of them are business arrangements. We use each other to enrich our lives, animals to provide companionship and protection. We count on our food to provide nourishment, pleasure and comfort–not just for ourselves, but for whoever we’re feeding it to. Our money is to give us access, security, and prestige.

     But when our partners let us down, we should reevaluate our relationships for we tend to remain in them far longer than we should. When there is a breach of covenant, the contract is void, but we’ll forgive the breach again and again to our own hurt. And when we do, one partner increases in power while the other decreases until one becomes the master and the other his slave.

    We ignore the insults and…

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D.L. Lunsford

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