Battle the Fear of Emergence

Self-emergence can be a long, difficult journey and not all the obstacles you encounter are circumstances or other people. Many of your most formidable impediments are within you. And you may discover that the person striving to free you is the same one zealously attempting to bind you.

Yes, you may be the enemy of your own emergence. Or rather, your fear.

What are you afraid of?

  1. You won’t like this person. She/he may be someone who brings you shame.
  2. You won’t be able to control her/him. You fear you will unleash a monster–or a fool.
  3. What the world will think.

Overall, you are afraid of who you really are, so you fight equally as hard to restrain her as you to do to liberate her.

But every step forward is a step that counts, even if it is a baby step. Celebrate that step. When you lose one, yet regain it and maybe two more, rejoice because the road is not endless. Each step brings you closer to your finish line.

If you don’t abandon the process, something amazing starts to happen. Your determination to emerge waxes greater than your fear of the unknown. Your mind, no longer confined within walls and a ceiling, sees the world with new eyes. When you look up, you see infinite possibilities. Where at one time you wondered where you fit in creation, you begin to feel one with it.

Though many uncertainties may remain and some fears and frustrations persist, these uncovered truths will prevail:

  1. Destiny awaits.
  2. You are more than what happens when a sperm and egg meet.
  3. Your life matters and has meaning.

Have you ever worked hard to piece together an entire puzzle only to discover one is missing? No matter where the vacuum lies, whether it is along the border or right smack in the middle of the puzzle, your eyes are drawn to the gaping hole. So perturbed by it, you scour the house, looking under the bed and the sofa cushions desperate to find it.

 Did the puzzle come like this? you wonder.

When you find that piece, you rejoice. And the beauty of the puzzle is celebrated and appreciated. But when you don’t, the puzzle is merely a smiling mouth with a missing tooth. You sigh in disappointment of unrealized potential. The absence of that piece crushes the euphoria of accomplishment and wanes the thrill of victory. The puzzle will never be all it can be without that piece.

Such is the value of the emerging you.

© D.L. Lunsford

D.L. Lunsford

Saying a lot with few words.