Believe when the nights are long

and you feel all alone

when your dreams turn to dust

and all your friends are gone.

When your body groans

and everything in you aches

when you can’t keep your food down

and bad dreams keep you awake.


When everyone tells you there is no hope

and a voice within you agrees

when your way gets harder and darker

and tears blind you so you cannot see.


Believe when you’re searching for a place you fit,

yearning for a home.

when you find yourself in a perpetual wilderness

where you just wander and roam.


When you labor and toil,

try so hard, do your best

when you always seem to come up short

a mere point shy of passing the test.


Yes, your troubles are many

but God has made a way.

So dry your eyes, keep believing and remember:

Even the longest nights must always yield to day.

© D.L. Lunsford


D.L. Lunsford

Saying a lot with few words.