Whimsical Nonsense

People dancing on the sidewalk in a rain storm and the car breaking down under the trees. The brakes don’t work and the cow won’t shut up.

Nothing’s on TV but watching it anyway. The sounds of the water in the fish tank putting me to sleep. The room is not dark, but dimly lit and smells like dog. I get sick of silliness and bored with cats and dogs, snakes and pets.

I don’t like to itch and sweat and shower with a weak shower-head.

One day I’ll go home; can’t wait to get there. I want to ride on the moon in the clouds and dance with angels. I want to sing with clowns at the mall in my favorite store.

When I grow up, I want to be a shopper in the gallery of solar systems. I want to buy stars and planets and plant them in my garden so I can grow new ones, then sell them to dreamers around the world.

We will live in our own utopia and never die of disease or disgust. We play by our own rules and never lose. We are always on top because there is no bottom.

Tomorrow will be here soon and dreams will follow it. I will find them hiding in the shadows of large trees. The sun will say they are not real; do not believe in them, but I won’t listen and I will teach others not to listen. The sun can’t outshine a dream because dreams are not like the sun and is not part of its solar system. It has its own system; it is its own system.


Dream big and dream all the time. They will grow like flowers, but never fade. They will die, but live again and again and again. They don’t get old, but they grow. They don’t die and yet they do. A dream is forever and don’t make sense half the time because it has its own order and language. It is an entity in itself; it believes in itself.

To capture a dream you must believe in yourself because you are a part of its system. You are a dream child. It believes in you long before you even know it exists. It will find you before you go looking for it. Believe in it as it believes in you. It will make you new and you will sprout wings and fly like fleas.

Ticks don’t like to be seen, but you can see them. They bite softly so you won’t know they’re there. They are hungry, always wanting to eat something–mostly you. Let them eat for a little while, then burn them off. They have no business on you anyway.

Don’t that make you mad: People leeching off you, getting what’s good out of you and not putting anything back in?

Down with the leeches! Out with the ticks! Shave the fleas–but fly like one: unseen, unnoticed, but purposeful and determined.

This day and forever more live life like you mean to. Believe in what you want to do; do what you believe and say what you really think.

How you feel matters to you…and to other people, though they might not acknowledge it.

You are real.

You are a dream.

You are life.

You are forever.

In the dream.

The end… or the beginning.

–D.L. Lunsford

D.L. Lunsford

Saying a lot with few words.