Today the Promise Is

The promises of God are yea and amen (See 2Cor. 1:20). They are guaranteed, a done deal. Because it is impossible for God to lie, He does everything He says He will do despite changes in climate, the world and culture. His word never comes back void.

Yet though He promises victory and triumph, we wallow in defeat. We dwell in sickness and disease though He promises health and healing. We live broken lives though He promises to make us whole. We are tails when He has made us heads. Weak instead of strong. Poor instead of rich.

Where are we missing it? I believe our underlying problem is our tendency to reach for promises in tomorrow when they are in today. We are hoping for the completion of a work already done.

 If you are on the road to promise, you will eventually see the manifestation of it. But if you are always striving to get on that road to promise, you never actually obtain it.

When Jesus healed the ten lepers and sent them on their way, the evidence was not immediately visible (See Luke 17:11-14). They walked in what Jesus did and the healing manifested. They were not walking toward healing. They were walking in it.

The problem is not with God’s word; the problem is in what we believe. I think subconsciously we make a way out for God just in case things don’t turn out the way we hoped. We tend to reach for one day and He will because we don’t really believe He can/will do it right now or that He’s already done it. We don’t believe it because we cannot see it. Our circumstances, unbelievers, even logic say it is impossible or highly unlikely, and we believe them rather than God. So we put our hope in the future.

But God’s work is already done, so our hope should be in today. We should be walking in victory, healing, justice, increase, and restoration right now though we may not see it or feel it yet. When we travel down the road that leads to the mall, for example, we arrive at the mall. But when we are trying to get to the road leading to the mall, we are not yet heading to the mall. The mall remains out of reach until we are actually on the road.

Likewise, we receive God’s promises on the road to promise. You arrive on that road the moment you believe. You don’t see the mall the moment you get on that road. You travel a ways, then you see it. Similarly, you don’t have to see the promise to receive it. You believe, then you receive, then you see it.

Those ten lepers walked and somewhere along the way, they noticed they no longer had disease. Their skin had cleared. I’m sure none of them could identify the exact moment or where they were on the road when it happened. They can only tell you when they noticed it. But it had already happened, and they had already received it.

The promises are in today, so believe them now. Don’t say it will happen one day. It is happening now. The road is before you, right where you stand. Take a step of faith and see the promises realized in your life.

—D.L. Lunsford

D.L. Lunsford

Saying a lot with few words.

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