In My Head

Today the Promise Is

The promises of God are yea and amen (See 2Cor. 1:20). They are guaranteed, a done deal. Because it is impossible for God to lie, He does everything He says He will do despite changes in climate, the world and culture. His word never comes back void. Yet though He promises victory and triumph, we […]

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Short stories/Poetry

The Call to Greatness

  If God has called you to be the head, It’s not something you do; It’s someone you must be. It cannot be something you think about It must come naturally, Like a smile when you’re happy Or a frown when you’re not; Involuntary like your eyes blinking Or the beating of your heart. The […]

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In My Heart

Destiny Appointment

While pursuing a dream, you encounter defining moments; moments that change everything. You never know when, but when they happen, you discover what you’re made of. If you truly believe and are sold out to your dream, the tiger in you will surface. And if there is any doubt or fear, the chicken will reveal […]

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