Choose Your Side

Choose this day who you will serve…(Joshua 24:15)

Because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth. (Revelation 3:16)

You can’t stand in the middle or play both sides and expect to prosper. You must choose a side. There is no neutrality in the world of progress and change, revolution and advancement. No neutrality in the Kingdom of God. You must stand for something.

And when you do, go all in. But not without first counting the cost. If you stand back and evaluate the ways of God and the ways of the world, you’ll find the apparent pros and cons on both sides. And if you stick around long enough to do the full evaluation, you’ll discover the ultimate outcome of both.

The World’s Success

If you choose the world, reaching your mountaintop may be faster than the alternative, but not always easy. The way up is steep and bumpy, but if you are willing to do anything to get there—that’s the world’s way—it will eventually pay off.

But it costs to be the boss. You may have to step on a few backs, or lay on yours. You may have to abandon some friends, neglect your partner and/or sacrifice time with your kids. 

When you finally reach the crown of your achievement, you may find yourself at the bottom of everything else. It’s the world’s way. It cannot guarantee success in everything, but it can give you the appearance of absolute success.

Your success in your chosen arena starts off good at the beginning, but after a while you hunger for something your prize can’t satisfy. It’s lonely at the top of whatever you gave your heart and efforts to, so you appease yourself the best way you can.

In the end, you inherit death where you inevitably stop living, growing, or bearing fruit, the ultimate cost of being the boss.

Unless, of course, you change sides.

Success in the Lord

If you choose God, it’ll take longer to get to the top. Instead of going the express way, He takes you the scenic route. He leads you down roads that seem endless and impassable where you must totally depend on Him for lasting success.

But He does not view success the same way the world does. He is not against material wealth and glory, but He is more focused on that which lasts forever and cannot be stolen by thieves. It matters to Him that you are victorious and free. To Him, success is a soul made whole.

But with God, you don’t get to run the show. It costs to be the boss, and He paid it—in blood. You must learn to submit to His way and trust Him because your life belongs to Him. In exchange, your soul prospers as well as your life. Doesn’t mean you won’t weather storms. In fact, you will endure more than your share of trouble. But what would devastate another will not destroy you. You will always be able to get back up, all the while experiencing a peace that surpasses all understanding–if you maintain your trust in Him.

In the end, you inherit eternal life, the ultimate cost of yielding to the Lord as the boss.

Either way, you must choose a side. You cannot remain neutral or work both sides and expect to prosper in anything.

—D.L. Lunsford

D.L. Lunsford

Saying a lot with few words.

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