The Effects of Favor

Favor is benefits, access, or attention you DID NOTHING to earn or deserve. Sometimes it is evident to the beneficiary they have favor; or they could arrogantly believe it’s their charm, charisma, gifts or talents that got them where they are. Or they could be completely blind to it.

Favor draws attention to you. Even if you don’t realize you have it, people around you can see it and don’t appreciate it, especially when they believe they are more deserving of the promotion, the praise, or the ease with which you seem to enjoy your life. They believe they work harder than you, so they should be the ones who are elevated and esteemed.

People’s Response to Your Favor

Whether you see it or not, the ones who do react to the favor in your life. Some may lash out at you for no apparent reason, demeaning and belittling everything you do no matter how well you do it. If they are in leadership, they may seek to increase your burdens or make your way more difficult.

It is not as easy as you may believe to walk in favor. In fact, you may find yourself reacting to it too (once you realize it’s there). You may feel apologetic for having it and try to downplay it, explain it, or make excuses for it; especially when you notice people resenting you for it.

There is nothing you can do about it, short of forfeiting it. So, you put yokes around your own neck and extra burdens on your back. See, you say, I’m just like you. I work hard too. Life isn’t easy for me either.

But they still don’t see it that way. It doesn’t matter how much you try to earn it, no matter what you do to justify it, they only see the favor on your life, and they resent the fact you got it. You can work your fingers to the bone and it won’t matter, because they know you don’t have to work that hard; you have favor.

Learning to Walk in Favor

Since it is what it is, you might as well get used to it and learn to live with it. Learn to stand. Possess your favor and stand despite the glares and disparaging comments. Your haters would love to see your way hard because, as they see it, you’ve had it easy. And though you experience hardships like everyone else, you can’t make your haters see it any differently.

True favor comes from God and He uses whatever and whoever He wills to bestow it upon you.

If You Have Favor:

  • Don’t apologize for having it.
  • Don’t try to justify it.
  • Don’t try to pay for it.
  • Don’t bind or oppress yourself to earn it.


  • Recognize you have favor.
  • Learn to stand in it.
  • Learn to use and operate in the advantages given you.
  • Be humble.

— D.L. Lunsford

D.L. Lunsford

Saying a lot with few words.

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