Inspirational, Short stories/Poetry

The Glass Ceiling

You didn’t know it was there till you hit it just reaching for the stars expecting to grab one You saw the beyond and said, Yeah, I want that I can have that I can be that But when you shot for your star you got struck down Cuz you didn’t know it was there […]

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Short stories/Poetry


Too treacherous to climb posturing TITANS threatening GIANTS seemingly insurmountable unbeatable too much too great But when it’s under your feet it looks up and you look down Who’s the mountain now? © D.L. Lunsford

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Truth over Trauma

When we were kids, we weren’t afraid to dream and we dared to believe anything was possible. Then life sought to prove otherwise and buffeted us (many while still children) with a stream of fast balls that left us dazed, confused, and traumatized. Few can boast, “I am the person I wanted to be when […]

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