Your Power in the Storm

The disciples followed Jesus onto a boat out to sea. A great tempest arose putting their lives in danger. While the disciples were freaking out, Jesus was sleeping. Panicked the disciples awoke Him and beseeched Him to save them from perishing. But Jesus asked them why they were afraid and where was their faith; then rebuked the winds and waves, and there was calm. (See Matt. 8: 23-27)

The reaction was natural. At least three of the men on the boat were skilled boatmen, so had some experience with storms at sea. But this one was extraordinary. All of their skills and expertise fell short in overcoming this storm. They were powerless to overcome the tempest threatening to kill them all.

Amidst their fear was frustration and probably some anger too. After all, while they were futilely resisting a windstorm, Jesus was resting comfortably. He could do something about this; they were certain of it. But He had checked out. By the time they awoke Jesus, the disciples were at wit’s end. They had exhausted their efforts to no avail. Death was imminent.

But Jesus did not share their sense of urgency. The first thing He did was question their faith.

Who knows what the disciples expected Jesus to do when they awoke Him. They certainly didn’t see Him rebuking the winds and waves; nor could they imagine the winds and waves complying. (v. 27) Maybe they thought Jesus would do something miraculous with the boat, give it super sails or do something to keep the boat from flooding. All we know is they definitely expected Jesus to do something.

Which brings back the question: Why are you afraid?

If you believe Jesus can save you in the storm, why are you freaking out?

Jesus was on the boat. Knowing that He could deliver them should’ve calmed them. Whatever happened, they would not perish in this storm because Jesus was with them. That should’ve been their confidence.

I believe what frightened the disciples most was not the storm, but their own futility. They were powerless against the storm. They could not make the storm go away, nor could they deliver themselves. They were buffeted by circumstances completely out of their control.

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you, and through the rivers, they shall not overflow you…Isa. 43:2

Jesus was with His disciples and He is with YOU. You may not have power over the storm, but you do have power over fear. You have power over what you choose to believe; Who you choose to believe. God will handle the storm. Don’t need to know how; just believe He will. Your circumstances will not overtake you; you will not perish.

Stand still (in peace) and see the salvation of the Lord.

–D.L. Lunsford

D.L. Lunsford

Saying a lot with few words.

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