My Number One

I wanted to express how much I love you

so I thought carefully about what I wanted to say

Because I didn’t want this to read like a Hallmark card

or just sound like another cliche.


I want you to know that I’ve given this some thought

and I’m speaking this from my heart,

Something I should have done sooner—

but now is a good time to start.


It’s crazy how life happens

and people get in the way

making things that should be black and white

seem all murky and gray.


The things that should be clear to me

make no sense at all.

And the things that I thought would stand firm forever

are the first to weaken and fall.


All the while you were standing there

mighty and tall–a great oak tree,

But I was so wrapped up in everyone else

I couldn’t see what was right in front of me.


I guess it’s easy to take for granted

the faithfulness of a tree and all its shade;

The one who loves me most

is the one I took for granted, I’m afraid.


I can come up with many excuses,

but none of them really matters now,

Especially when I think about how you chose

to stand by me and keep loving me anyway, anyhow.


I shake my head when I think about all

I’ve put in front of you,

How I put you last, but you still put me first

no matter what we went through.


I think about how after all these years

you still enjoy my company

And whether we’re watching football

or going to a pow wow you bring out the best in me.


You are the father of my children,

my soul mate, my best friend.

You are the beating of my heart,

that love song that never ends.


And I am one who was asleep

but now I’m wide awake,

Yearning so desperately for your touch

it makes my whole body ache.


I never knew true love until I found you

And Natividad, you would blush if you knew

the things I want to do to you!


Every morning I wake up, wrap my arms

around myself, seeing your face in my mind

And it does not surprise me you say you do the same

since we’ve always been two of a kind.


This time apart has been really hard

but I thank God for what He’s done

Because He brought everything in my life

into perspective and replaced you as my number one.

© D.L. Lunsford

Dedicated to Lorene

May you and your husband enjoy many more happy years together. 💞

While going through the hardest times of my life, I met some amazing women, each with her own story of love, heartache, and grief. I’m honored that so many of them entrusted me with their stories. Here in the section called The Voices of My Sisters I have memorialized some of them in prose and dedicated them to each of the women they represent. I hope you enjoy them and can also relate. Feel free to share your own story. –D.L. Lunsford

D.L. Lunsford

Saying a lot with few words.

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